On our way to Puerto Natales.

December 2010.

We quit Ushuaia in a real blizzard.

Along a small track in a remote area, we discover a dam and a hut done by beavers.

Freshly cut logs seem straight out of a Walt Disney!

Passing near an estancia, Charlotte asks if it is possible to attend the sheep shearing.

We are kindly welcomed and we are very impressed by this amazing factory: 800 sheep are shorn every day.

Five men are in charge of the mow, three clean the wool and the last one compresses it.

Thank you to Omar for his explanations.

But we are a bit sorry for those poor sheep who leave their winter coat although it is only 5C outside.

A nice thought to our "dedicated swallow"!

We reach the Strait of Magellan in order to join the continent.

Along the way we come across a disused gold mine.

The children see themselves as rich as millionaires but it seems that the vein is exhausted!

We reach in Porvenir just after the departure of the daily ferry to Punta Arenas.

Bad luck, we change our plans and catch another ferry more in the north.

Difficult to find a zone to camp in the area and we set in a career between two minefields!

The boys go to visit an old steamer, wrecked on the coast.

The wind is so high that we have lunch in a bus shelter!

No need to think long to know where the wind comes from!

On our way to Puerto Natales, we give a lift to a very nice gaucho going home for the weekend.

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