April 2011.

The Peruvian presidential election will take place soon, and huge resources are used for the campain.

Where does all this money come from?

The campaign lacks of seriouness, with amongst other the populist candidate promising 10 breads for one Sole!

Keiko is the daughter of former President Fujimori sentenced to 35 years in prison for corruption.

Stopping for a picnic, we discover a mini oil well from which oily water and gas come out.

Very strange ...

We enjoy our first coconuts.

By stopping at roadside to change drivers, we meet Antonio.

After a heart attack, which nearly cost him his life, this guy from Mexico decided to drop everything and discover Americas with a scooter.

He has traveled 56,000 kilometers in three years, and he is now building bungalows on the pacific cost.

We decide to spend the night there and we are kindly greeted by Rodrigo, Vanessa and their daughter Jade.

It's the end of the day, but children are heading directly towards the sea.

Ten minutes later everyone is in the water.

Rodrigo buys some shells that Matthieu and Vanessa prepare on different ways.

It's a real treat and we spend a wonderful evening.

There are not enough beds in our bungalow.

But the boys decide to sleep in hammocks on the beach.

It's a nice place, but it is not a reason to forget about school ...

followed by a swim for everyone.

Matthew, upset not to catch anything, ends up with water up to his waist.

Meanwhile the children find hippocampus on the beach.

Much of fun in the hammock.

Then a nap is needed.

Parents take advantage to read.

After nearly six months around the world, are foots are tanned like tiggers.

After two days, we have to quit this little paradise.

And we say goodbye to Antonio, Rodrigo, Vanessa and Jade: a big thanks for the good time we had together.


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