To Kilimandjaro.

January 2012.

We are in the middle of the season for pineapple.

A real treat, except for our Agathe who starts dreaming of a good jar of Nutella !

It is not always easy to take fuel quietly, but this level of competition prevents inflation.

Going up north, we pass by vast sisal fields, and we decide to stop to visit a plantation.

Sisal is a type of succulent plant whose leaves are harvested throughout the year and transported to the factory.

Children are interested in this big machine that will remove the pulp and extract the fibers from these large leaves.

It's a bit messy, but they still produce six carts per day.

The fibers are then dried in the sun.

Then they are combed on large drums to clean all the impurities.

Matthieu never misses an opportunity to clown !

And finally, the balls are pressed using an old press dating back from colonial times !

Tugdual is managing the manoeuvre brilliantly !

These beautiful golden balls are then shipped around the world.

Some ropes are made on site only for business needs.

The children have fun making a string, followed by a stress test.

A big thank you to Michael, our guide, for this very interesting visit.

Early morning, we enjoy a magnificent view over the snowy Kilimanjaro.

As children are still too young for the ascent, we do not stop.

What is this strange tree?

It is a rubber tree, like in Tintin !

By kneading the thick sap, we get a kind of sticky and elastic dough.

We are all delighted with this new discovery.

We head towards the Ngorongoro and we cross the great Maasai plains .

We are intrigued by these ghosts crossing the road.

They are actually moranes, a very special status for the boys in the Maasai culture.

They already have a good sense of business, and to take picture we have to put our hand in the pocket.

Beautiful giraffes gallop on the roadside: what a beautiful sight !

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