March 2012.

We stay a few days at Tim and Kim.

The place is really quiet !

These Dutch couple have set up a charity project north of Lake Tana, that became a meeting place for overlanders.

We meet two very nice Israeli families.

Children have fun while parents prepare the website.

The boys discover these papyrus canoes on the beach and end up asking the owner's permission to borrow them.

They are brave because the day before a hippopotamus was swimming right here !

The danger seeming averted, everyone is going for a ride on the lake.

The boys spend the late afternoon building a port.

Driving towards Sudan, we make a little detour through Gondar to visit the beautiful castles of Gondar kings.

These buildings, dating back almost 400 years, are very well preserved.

Many lions cages remind us that this animal, once abundant in the region, is the symbol of Ethiopia.

With her crooked teeth, Beatrix really looks like a cat !

Children take advantage of a huge ruined building to play a memorable game of hide and seek.

This Royal walled city is really beautiful.

The church of Debre Birhan Selassie is the only one in the city that has not been destroyed by Muslim attackers in the late nineteenth century.

With its Holy Trinity, its scenes on the walls and its ceiling covered with angels, it is really beautiful.

These visits are a good lesson of catechism for children who try to recognize the biblical scenes on the walls.

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