April 2012.

Discipline has never been the strong point of the Egyptians, but since the revolution, its is getting even worse.

Trucks drive on the wrong way on the highway !

In the desert, it's always the same.

You believe that you are alone, but there is always someone showing up !

The opportunity to see more closely that beautiful herd of a hundred camels bred for their milk and meat.

This year we will celebrate Easter in the desert.

Upon awakening, everyone is eager and ready for the egg hunt !

But it's not easy to hide the eggs in the desert.

Every little bush is being used.

And as chocolate melts, mentos and Tagada strawberries replace the Easter eggs !

What a great harvest for the greedy !

Folding camp, Tugdual realizes that one of the tires is as good as dead.

After 20 000 miles of African roads our tires are literally gone.

We arrive at Alexandria, 18 months after leaving the city.

We are happy to meet our friends Sandrine and Karim in their house.

Beatrix is delighted to play the mistress with Adrien and Emmanuel.

And now the Mediterranean Sea.

It's still too cold to swim, but the kids are excited to play in the sand.

They find our car so fun that they end up spending the night in our tent while we sleep peacefully in their house.

We were happy to see you all in great shape.

A big thank you for your nice welcome and good luck for the future.

In the street, we meet by chance Michael.

It is too early for a drink but he invites us for a café.

His garden is like a huge open-air bar. Amazing character !

We pay a visit to the old factory of Matthieu.

Since the revolution, the situation became very difficult.

But the team remains united around Laurent, the new director.

It was very nice to see you all again, and to have the chance to discuss with you about the consequences of the revolution.

Good luck for the upcoming events.

Children are happy to see again Mohamed, our former security guard.

A great guy who made our life easy during the four years we spent in Alexandria.

We spend the evening at Guy and Maria home, both of them working at the British School of Alexandria where our children were.

But after ten days spent between Alexandria and Cairo, it becomes clear that we will not get our visas for Libya.

Syria is definetly blocked, and a transfer via Israel does not suit us for different reasons.

We therefore decide to put the vehicle in a container in Alexandria and fly back home.

After 18 months of travelling, we are back in France.

What an amazing adventure we will never forget !

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