Valdes Peninsula 3.

November 2010.

The weather is beautiful as well as the landscapes.

After the penguins, we see the elephant seals, resting in the sun.

Tugdual takes advantage of the long vue to watch one of them scratching his chin.

The girls look at a mygale spider passing by, and make fun out of it!

We have a walk on a costal trail. The place is very well preserved.

At the end of the day, the road books are filled with drawings of animals and the children can finally make the difference between a sea lion and an elephant seal!

Our stock is getting empty, and we return to Puerto Madryn to refill.

While Charlotte takes care of the laundry, Matthieu is questionned by a group of Argentinians who ask lots of questions about our trip.

For fun, Matthieu offers the boys and the girls to prepare each a meal, and to shop accordingly with a budget of 50 pesos per team.

The children get into the game 100%!

Cold meal for the girls including three desserts, and a barbecue for the boys with 3kg of fries!

A true success.

Well done to the cooks who only dream to do it again!

Drying clothes at the camp.

Small surprise when folding the tent.

Matthieu wearing sandals almost stepped on it!

Leaving Puerto Madryn, we have the chance to see a dozen of whales jumping in the bay. An unforgettable experience!

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