Arrival in "Tierra del Fuego".

November 2010.

Our first fishing experience was so successful that the children decide to do it again.

In spite of the storm, fishing is good, but Matthieu falls into the water. He comes out as wet as a fish with a sprained wrist.

Again another Calamity Jane!

When leaving the camp site, we realize that we slept a few meters away from a colony of sea lions.

At each stop, the boys are testing a new technique from Scoutorama, the technical bible of scouting.

Matthieu being temporarily unavailable, the kids give a serious hand.

Little feminine touch from our Agathe!

The fresh air makes us hungry but aslo tired. The girls take advantage of the trip to finish their nights.

We see our first flamengoes and a quantity of rheas with their young.

This bird is strange as it is the male that incubates the eggs of his 7 females, and then takes care of the kids.

Only 500km remaining, we are almost there!

Here the wind is the king, and the only tree we can see is on the panel.

We seek refuge for the night in the crater of an extinct vulcano.

The place is beautiful, but the wind is painful and the temperature drops for the first time below 0░C.

Octavie discovers an old rhea nest, while men go to admire the ancient lava flows.

To go to Ushua´a, we have to cross Chili. The system is well established and we cross the four borders in a single day.

We fall in love with this piece of land.

While queuing to take the ferry, we realized that each has his own way to travel.

This one is sleeping in his ford station wagon, and the others push their belongings in a wheelbarrow.

We cross the Strait of Magellan that is only a few miles wide at this point.

As we wake Octavie, she complains: "But why did you wake me up if there is no animal to see".

She does not regret it as a group of Tonia dolphins follows the ferry.

Here we are in "Tierra del Fuego"!

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