Torres del Paine 2.

December 2010.

We sleep in a high-class camp in the middle of the park.

Each location has a very nice little shelter in case of wind or rain.

While the children are working,

Matthew is tightening bolts strained by the condition of tracks. He is also doing some sewing.

Tugdual is testing his new slingshot on poor innocent sparrows.

It is ideal for walking and Agathe is quite proud of finding a condor feather along a trail.

Once at the top, the view is breathtaking but the wind is vicious!

The fauna is very diverse and we keep on enjoying watching the animals.

In order to reach the "Tres Torres" we need to cross a very old bridge.

The maximum load is 1500 kg, half the weight of our Land Rover!

After a fast calculation, Matthew decides to give it a chance!

In order to be on the safe side, all the passengers go down.

Off we go to climb the "Torres"!

We pass a caravan of horses in charge of supplying the "refugios".

We are surrounded by glaciers.

After five hours and a half walking and a 1000 meters higher, we are rewarded by the beauty of the view.

Children are congratulated by other walkers and by ourselves!

Matthew registers the point on his GPS!

On our way back, we discuss with Antoine, a very nice guy from Brittany.

Small snack break.

We are back to our campsite at sunset after ten hours walking.

We are exhausted but happy.

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