Paso de Jama.

February 2011.

When placing back the recovery plates, Matthieu realizes that the roof of the Defender begins to crack due to the excessive weight of the roof rack.

After a quick glance, Matthieu decides to place reinforcement bars.

No sooner said than done.

It's not very aesthetic, but the roof rack is now resting on the steel bulkhead of the car.

One of the few benefits of camping is that we meet lots of cool backpackers.

Vincent and Sophie come from Liège in Belgium, and are about to finish a 6 months trip in South Amercia.

We spend a good time around a good beer, remembering the 5 wonderful years that we spent in Belgium.

We enjoy our last Argentinean asado with grilled vegetables.


We also meet a nice Franco-Swiss family, Mark and Laura, who travel with their two daughters Lucy and Nora.

Octavie and Beatrix are happy to have friends to play with.

Matthieu took the decision to let redo by a professional the welding on the chassis that he had done by himself.

But grinding below a chassis, it's not a lot of fun!

Finally the spare parts that we were expecting are blocked at customs in Buenos Aires and cannot be shipped to Salta.

So, we drop and Matthieu will manage without them!

We fill our stock of food.

When refueling, we note that the additional fuel tank cap has been lost: Bad luck again !

During two hours, we drive around Salta to find a spare, but without success.

Matthieu finally decides to go to Brico, and finds a PVC cap that fits perfectly...

On our way to the Paso de Jama we meet again with Florian, Karine, Zoe and Mahaut we had already met in Abra Pampa.

We stop for a while and discuss about our respective trips, while the children play together.

We take this opportunity to note some good addresses in Bolivia.

Good luck and good way south !

The road towards the Paso is a real mountain road.

We cross the biggest Salar of Argentina.

But it's freezing cold and we go back into the car quickly.

We reach the Paso at night, and we decide to sleep at the border.

The night is cold at 4200 meters above sea level.

At daybreak, we have a magnificent view of Cerro Zapaleri which marks the border between Argentina, Bolivia and Chile.

Goodbye Argentina.

We had a great time in this huge country, with so varied landscapes and so friendly people.

We cross the Chilean highlands toward the west.

We see a few flamengos

Near the Salar of Tara, we stop at "Monjes of Pacana " large vertical stones carved by the winds.

And finally, we arrive at the level of the highest peak in Europe.

It's hard to breathe.

But no, just kidding, we're in great shape.

We see a nursery of baby vicuna.

So cute !

The magnificent volcano Licancabour marks the end of the highlands.

We have just gone through extraordinary landscapes, and we look forward to exploring the famous Bolivian altiplano.

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