The road of death.

March 2011.

We leave the highlands towards the Amazonian valleys, and our Agathe looks tiny next to these giant nettles.

We see our first avocado.

These strange cherries are actually coffee beans.

Children pick up some and plan preparing a home made coffee for Matthieu !

But we waste so much time on our way that we arrive at the famous Road of Death late afternoon.

We are quickly catched by the night and it starts to rain, but we can not stop. We have to go all the way through.

Thrills ...

As we have not seen the show, Matthieu decides to go back the next day.

In order for the driver standing next to the precipice to see his wheels, we drive on the right side of the road.

The oldest children climb on the roof to better enjoy the show.

The crosses along the road remind us the hundreds of accidents that happened on this road.

But a new road is now taking the majority of the traffic and the Road of Death is mostly a playground for thrill seekers.

Nature is beautiful.

And Charlotte takes hundreds of pictures.

The upper valley is very steep.

Numerous streams fall down on the road and the children take a good shower!

What an adventure!

The children ask for more, but we have to keep moving forward.

And we go towards the famous Lake Titicaca.

We make a detour to Tiwanacu.

This pre-Inca site have inspired Hergé to draw the "temple of the sun".

The ruins, dating back over 700 years, are very well preserved.

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