Pacific coast.

March 2011.

Leaving Arequipa towards the coast, we pass through large desert plateaus, crossed by deep green valleys.

The weather is ideal for drying peppers, and water coming down from the mountains even gives the chance to raise cows in the desert.

We arrive on the Pacific coast, happy to find a beautiful blue sky.

But Charlotte is taking a sudden toothache requiring two operations, which forces us to spend several days near the town of Camana.

So we settle in a small creek near a fishing hamlet.

The weather is calm, and we admire the spectacle of huge waves beating the cliffs endlessly.

Many birds are flying around us, vultures, cormorants and pelicans.

Sea lions and penguins frolic in the water just in front of us.

What a spectacular sight!

The children gather quantities of shells and other treasures.

On seeing the boat coming back from fishing, we rush towards the little port.

Fishing has been good and we have never seen such big soles.

We buy fresh fish that we will cook for lunch.

When stopping several days, we have enough time to do some cooking.

Tugdual, the gourmet of the family prepares some dessert.

As we could see in Argentina, we try to cook empanadas on a wood fire.

A bread dough, a bit of meat, a piece of cheese, and on the grill: with a salad is a real treat!

We go for a walk through the dunes.

Children slide down the slope at full speed.

After more than a month spent several thousand meters above sea level, we are happy to find warmer weather.

The whole family enjoys these few days near the sea.

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