Mexico City region.

June 2011.

There are many (and expensive) tolls on the road.

In order to kill time, Matthieu tries to measure our fuel consumption.

After analysis, he thinks that we can drive 600 miles with the main tank only.

But the car runs short of fuel in a dangerous curve, and it takes Matthieu 15 minutes to prime the pump ! No comment !

As Tugdual suffers from a ear pain, we stop by one of the medical center along the highway.

We quit without paying anything, as the price of the consultation is included in the toll !

That may be why it is so expensive ...

It is seated on the roof of this old bus that we go to visit the beautiful city of Puebla.

The ad, on the back of the bus, makes us laugh!

"Mexico needs a change. Lets first change your furniture"

We fall in love with this city whose walls and domes are covered with ceramic tiles.


The Fort overlooking the city witnessed one of the (few) victory of the Mexican army.

On May 5, 1862, the French expeditionary force sent by Napoleon III, was stopped here while walking towards Mexico.

The victory was short-lived as the French took Mexico a few months later, but May the 5th became the Mexican national day !

We enjoy a taco lunch in a café.

We walk for a while to help digestion,

but we can not resist a long time to these fried pastry ...

Arriving near Mexico city, the landscapes are almost Alpine, with large pine forests.

We do not stop to visit the city, but we just have a quick look at the Zocalo, the main square of Mexico City.

It is said to be one of the most beautiful square in the world due to its architectural unity.

But it is also the place of all demonstrations, and the makeshift camps that occupy the square slightly distort this famous unity!

Oxxo, and its hundreds of mini-markets along the road, becomes our official supplier of hot-dog.

This is not haute cuisine, but it gives us the opportunity to have lunch very fast !

After Mexico, we find Mediterranean-type landscapes, and we are happy to bivouac in the wild.

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