North Pacific Coast.

June 2011.

The region of Tequila covered with agave fields.

We visit the oldest distillery in the city, Herradura, with its shaded patios and old buildings.

The agave is harvested after 7 years minimum, and only the heart is used.

After 24 hours of steaming, agave gets a very sweet taste slightly caramelized.

The juice is then fermented in large open tanks.

We even have the right to put your finger in it, but the boys do not find it very good !

After distillation, the Tequila can be aged in oak barrels.

But it is the bottling machine that fascinates children.

And finally, a small tasting in an old vaulted room.

Mexicans drink it pure, as we drink a cognac !

But it is very strong !

In the evening, we spend the night in a beautiful place, in the middle of agave fields.

A peasant whom we asked where we could sleep told us: "Wherever you want".

Going up north, the war done by the state against drug traffickers is becoming more visible.

A suspicious car is arrested in front of us by a patrol of the army: amazing.

We taste dried shrimps (which smell like food for fish), but we prefer the fresh ones.

We spend the evening on the Pacific cost, right across from Baja California.

There are good waves but that does not scare the children who jump into the water and play for hours.

It is a place where turtles come to breed.

The girls play with a shell found on the beach.

We met Jeff, a really nice American guy who is here to surf.

He is taking a few months of holidays after working in a cannabis farm in California !

He gives us a bunch of useful information about the USA.

Thanks Jeff and good luck !

Further north, the fields are huge and planes are used to spread pesticides.

We stop by one of the airfield (actually it is more a field than a airfield), and the owner welcomes us very kindly.

The boys are delighted ...

And off we go for a small tour...

Well here's a joke!

Approaching the US border, we see many of these vehicles coming back home for holidays...

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