Mesa Verde.

June 2011.

We quit Arizona, and here we are in Colorado.

The beautiful Dolores River seems perfect to the boys for a little raft ride.

But the boat is not that stable and after ten meters they are three of them in the water.

Ted and Toni approach us and invite us home.

We accept with pleasure and appointment is made for two days later.

When seeking a Mass in the town of Cortez, it is the day of the parish feast.

Mass takes place in a park, and is followed by a nice lunch.

We meet John and Rachael, who both speak French very well.

Your eldest is called "Tugdual". Are you from Britany ? (Tugdual being a name from Britany, not that common in France)

????? We are really impressed !

John has been studying for a year at La Roche-sur-Yon near Britany, where he has apparently not lost his time.

The lunch and the barbecue are supervised by the "Knight of Columbus", a charity close to the Catholic Church.

They are super efficient.

In the afternoon, games are organized for children and Tugdual wins the sack race.

Upon arriving at Mesa Verde National Park we met Karen and Fabrice traveling with their son Nils since almost a year.

They stared like us in Buenos Aires, but we never met them.

After a good barbecue, we end the evening with a mashmallow party.

All the best for your trip back to France in July.

Pueblan Indians occupied the plateau for several centuries and left amongst other troglodyte villages built in large cavities in the cliffs.

Children follow the Junior Ranger Program.

There is plenty to do to earn the title and the Junior Ranger badge.

To visit the houses, we go down the cliffs using large wooden ladders.

The ranger who guides the tour talks about this civilization that has mysteriously disappeared 700 years ago.

It's very interesting.

Protected from the rain, the ruins are well preserved.

With their book, the children are super motivated.

These Americans have great ideas !

Once all the tests performed (including garbage collection in the park), children promise to protect the park and its animals.

And are very pround to receive a beautiful badge.

As promised, we go to Ted and Toni who live in the countryside.

We are received like royalty, and Toni has prepared a stew of deer hunted by herself.

A real treat.

Children play like crazy and Toni is a real grandmother.

Meanwhile Matthieu and Ted reinvent the world.

We spend the night in their garden in spite of their insistence to have us sleep inside.

A big thank to both of you for this good time we spent together.

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