Salt Lake City.

July 2011.

To avoid a detour, we decide to go to Hawthorn following a rough road.

We camp near the old post office that served Bodie, feeling like the first pioneers!

Amazing how the sunsets and moonrises are beautiful in the desert.

We have acquired a "Dutch Oven", the emblematic cooking pot of the pioneers.

This cast iron pot has a lid where embers can be placed , allowing cooking like in an oven.

So everyone wants to try new recipes.

Cakes, chili con carne, lasagna, ratatouille, corn, roast chicken, filet mignon with mustard, and even a quiche lorraine ...

Tugdual prepares croutons with butter and garlic, cooked on the embers.

And we even cook Croque Madame.

After crossing the Nevada desert, we arrive in Salt Lake City, the Mormon capital.

The city was founded in 1847 by Mormons fleeing persecution in the eastern States.

We visit Temple Square, the Holy center of this strange religion.

The speech is well established, and the visitors are welcomed with a reassuring message:

we are disciples of Christ like you.

Next we learn about all the charities of the Church, with a lot of videos.

We are the best among the Christian !

And finally, we learn about Joseph Smith, to whom God would have revealed in 1823 the existence of a book engraved on goldden tablets:
The Book of Mormon.

This book says among other things that the American Indians (Maya and Inca included) descend from one of the lost tribes of Israel, and that Christ visited them after resurrection ...

There are cameras everywhere, and at the end of the visit, the operation room send us two young missionaries to convert us.

Matthieu have fun, and demoralizes these rookies in minutes.

No problem, the move is planned and this time they send a larger and better trained team ...

Matthieu enjoys much of this verbal jousting, but the children end up seriously impatient.

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