Jackson Hole.

July 2011.

Wyoming here we are.

The scenery is gorgeous: a vast plain dominated by snow-capped mountains.

This is the land of cowboys and huge ranches.

The meadows are covered with multicolored flowers.

Charlotte enjoys taking pictures of her girls.

The town of Jackson Hole, former place of rendezvous for trappers, is not a hole.

It is even a very fashionnable ski resort.

The atmosphere is a mix between Chamonix and the Far West.

The main square is decorated in a rather original way.

Not far away over 4000 elks spend the winter in a protected area.

In the spring, the Boy Scouts of the city collect the antlers on behalf of the municipality.

The city plays the card of her trapper past and it is very easy to buy the skin of a fox, a buffalo or even a bear.

We enter all the stores in search of hats for boys.

It is quite fun, even if everything is not that classy.

We finally find hats wearable in Africa without being taken (too much) for Americans ...

We settle in a small campground near Jackson Hole, and children make new friends quickly.

They were delighted to find bikes and races are endless.

That is how we meet John, Deborah, Rylee and Gavin who invite us to spend the evening with them.

They come from Florida, but during summer, better being in the mountains.

We spend a wonderful evening and we decide to try to see each other again.

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