July 2011.

The small town of Cody proclaimed herself rodeo capital of the world.

The show takes place every evening and we arrive an hour early to be well placed.

While the arenas are filled, the Cowboys prepare themselves ...

The show begins with the national anthem, stars and stripes banner in the wind.

Followed by a prayer.

May the Lord also protect the unconscious!

First, the rodeo on horses. The strap which tightens the lower abdomen of the animal turns within a few seconds a quiet mount into a spirited mustang.

The best stay on the saddle a good ten seconds ...

Then the capture of calves.

The calf dashes, a cowboy following it.

After catching the calf, the cowboy jumps off his horse and immobilizes it with a rope.

The best did it in less than 10 seconds ... amazing!

It is then the turn of children to run after the calves.

Tugdual passes on the verge of getting one of the roundels.

Well done boys.

And the show ends with a rodeo on the backs of raging bulls.

But it goes so fast that it is impossible to take a good photo.

So here is a little video ...

In the streets of Cody, we meet Guillaume, a French who has been living in Cody for 5 years.

Originally from Bordeaux, he is both a journalist and a hunting guide.

Too bad we missed his nice invitation.

But Cody is also the town founded by Buffalo Bill.

A beautiful museum traces his history as well as the one of the region.

The museum is very varied and the kids love it.

"Fortunately we will not go to the North Pole" Octavie says.

Meanwhile Enguerrand finds that this buffalo hide is too large for him.

There are many objects of that time and children are delighted to see the same Dutch Oven as we have.

While stopping at McDonalds to duplicate our emails, we are approached by Orlando.

As children are busy in the car and do not want to come out, his wife, Dina, goes and get ice creams.

"The sugar diplomacy" he says with humor ...

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