Forest East of Winnipeg.

August 2011.

Canadian forests are impenetrable and the few side roads are often abandoned.

Tugdual decides to take advantage of the abundance of wood to make a chair.

First of all, the drawings: not so easy to make a 3D view.

Timber !

Matthieu taught some techniques and made the holes, but Tugdual did 90% of the work,

and the result exceeds his expectations.

Everyone wants to try it.

But the girls do not want to be left apart and Beatrix realizes this beautiful cross with the help of her older brother.

Octavie, who owns a knife, made an arrow and beautiful pencils.

And Enguerrand also wants to make a seat with the help of Matthieu.

First, an old tree trunk.

Matthieu then drills the holes while Enguerrand shapes the feet.

And that's it!

And as the parents are still busy with the website,

Children organize a chariot race! Good fun guaranteed!

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