August 2011.

We visit the sanctuary of the Canadian geese.

These large birds have gone to the brink of extinction and were saved thanks to the initiative of a passionate guy.

Relearning migration by following an ultralight plane was even the subject of a film that many have seen.

The interpretive center of the site is very well done and allows children to observe birds closely.

Beaver, meanwhile, seems to have recovered well from the large scale hunting they were victim of. We see them everywhere.

Their fur give a premium felt used for the manufacture of hats.

There are more lakes in Canada than people and we took decision to take a ride in a canoe.

Wearing our striped uniforms for the event, we all get equiped and off we go.

Matthieu with the girls in one canoe and Charlotte with the boys in the other.

We paddle in full swing, Charlotte ensuring the musical atmosphere on the tune of Pocahontas.

After two hours of rowing, we take a break for lunch.

Children, who are never tired, leave immediately.

A seaplane landed and took off near us in an incredible noise: Canada as we thought!

After lunch, the boys launch a challenge to their father :

"The first one who has toured the island."

But young people are sometimes too optimistic ...

The winner takes his love for a ride ...

The weather is beautiful and children are happy with this new experience.

Beatrix takes Enguerrand and Octavie in a new challenge: to swim the 100 meters that separate us from the shore.

They are super brave because water is rather cold.

We spent a wonderful day.

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