Thunder Bay.

August 2011.

After the great forests of Manitoba, we enter Ontario.

The landscape does not change much and we pass by countless lakes.

It is not advisable to drive at night because of the presence of moose.

These charming animals, frightened by the headlights, have indeed the bad habit of charging...

The weather is uncertain and we take advantage to drive: Canada is very big!

While doing a reverse on the roadside drenched by rain, the ground is too soft and the car is about to flip.

"Everybody out ...": this time it's really impressive !

Luckily, a police car passes right at that moment: "You need help?"

Yes we do! The vehicle is in a bad position, and we cannot manage alone.

The tow truck arrives, and the guy starts putting the vehicle in a safe position by digging a few inches under the wheels opposite to the slope.

Then the traffic is stopped by the police for the tow truck to be put in place.

"We are like kings, say the children, they stop traffic for us ..."

The kings of idiots, Yes !

The Land finally escapes safely.

Afterwards we are a bit shocked, thinking that our adventure could have ended up here, in a ditch somewhere in Ontario!

We recover from our emotions by picking up a lot of raspberries.

There are so many that after a good dessert, we still have enough to make jam.

Internet connections are not as easy as in the United States and most WiFi access do not allow us to post the site.

We end up in a small library and children are very happy.

If one is not afraid to scratch the body of his car, it is quite easy to find wild bivouacs in Canada. Some are even great.

We cross wide open spaces totally uninhabited and the road is pretty boring.

We are glad we didn't go to Alaska ...

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