Quebec city.

September 2011.

On the road early morning, we follow a strange convoy.

"But it's a moose !" Tugdual shouts.

We take advantage of a stop to chat with the owners.

The animal was hunted with a crossbow the night before and will provide meat for the winter to this family.

Finally we visit the beautiful city of Quebec.

The walk around Chateau Frontenac has a magnificient view over the St Laurent river.

Almost every house in the city is old, creating a very nice harmony.

The streets are lively.

We wander with pleasure in all these small shops well stocked.

We feast with a good steak.

Museums in Quebec are still inter-active.

Quebec city is one of the most beautiful city we have visited in America.

A juggler plays traditional Quebec music, funny mix of Marine song and Irish music!

As usual, Agathe takes advantage of any single stop to read a few pages...

Enguerrand would like to eat one of these maple lollipop.

Nice wall painting !

Grandma enjoys a beaver tail !

The city is built on a hill, and after a long day we are happy to go back to the car.

After diner, we have a lot of fun playing with the "Time's up".

A very funny game for all the family.

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