September 2011.

In the morning, the lake is a true mirror.

The boys, always looking for new adventures, decide to have a tour with the boat moored near the pontoon.

Grandpa wants to go as well !

He takes the opportunity to teach the youngest the art of rowing together.

The more the merrier !

After nearly a year of separation, the children are happy to see their grandparents and are spoiled.

The boys go to search for mushrooms but without success.

In addition, games are not easily observed in these dense forests.

We still see a small grouse on the road and a porcupine near the chalet.

We do not find any mushroom, but a huge field of blueberries.

With cream or in a pie, it is delicious !

We explore the Tadoussac region, hoping to see some whales in the St Laurent river.

We pass by beautiful farms.

Arrived at the Center for interpretation of marine mammals, it is freezing cold.

We do not see any blue whale, but a group of beluga hunting one hundred meters from the shore.

We are lucky as this little white whale is not easy to see.

A very friendly naturalist teaches the children how to distinguish between types of whales: some have baleen, the other, teeth.

Back at the cottage, we take advantage of having a real kitchen to prepare a good dinner.

Grandpa ensures the musical atmosphere with his harmonica.

"Sailors are at sea at dawn,
at sea in the morning,
at sea in the day ... "

Children laugh and sing loudly.

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