New York 1.

September 2011.

11 hours to travel 600 km.

The trains here are not fast.

Arriving at our hotel, there is only one room left on the two reserved !

Time to find a solution, Beatrix falls asleep.

We end up at 7 in a room for 4, but considering the price for a room in New York, is a good deal !

Our hotel is conveniently located on Broadway, just steps from Central Park.

We leave early morning to walk around this mythical city.

The decor is what it should be, we are in New York.

We pass by the incredible "Apple Store".

Little or no products to be sold, but a giant showroom to make people dream.

And it works. Upon leaving, everyone wants a epad !

A little further on, a huge M&Ms boutique.

Hundreds of gadgets branded M&Ms.

And M&Ms collectors with new colors.

This time we get caught for good.

In Times Square, we take a picture of Octavie, as each time there is a place with more than 100 people, she says:
"It's like being in New York!"

There you are!

Who was born first: the restaurant or the movie?

We stop in the Disney shop.

There are more people paid to welcome you than cashiers !

Girls do not want to leave.

With its yellow cabs and adverts everywhere, the city matches the image we had from it.

We love New York.

With the 1 USD pizza and the hot dogs sold in the street, it's amazing but you can eat for nothing.

A good deal for large families !

After a busy day, we take the metro back to our hotel.

But life does not stop, and many shops remain open 24/7.

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