New York 2.

September 2011.

We begin our day with a stroll in Central Park.

Small photo shoot to celebrate our 13 years of marriage.

We watch kids playing baseball: it's hard to believe that we are at the heart of Manhattan.

We make a detour to the Rockefeller Center to see the LEGO store.

Inside, thousands of bricks and some fine achievements.

But we are very disappointed, there are no Land Rover !

In the street, a group of young blacks make a demonstration of Hip Hop.

They are impressive.

The decor of the Converse shop is incredible.

Pink for girls and blue for boys.

In the south of Manhattan, the business district is a strange mix of old and new buildings.

We are surprised to find a sailing school in the midst of office buildings.

We go see the new World Trade Center under construction.

Children have a hard time believing that this small street is the most famous of the world.

We take the boat to Staten Island to get some perspective on the city.

We pass the Statue of Liberty, and have a great view over Manhattan.

This is the end of our incredible journey through Americas.

From the Argentine glaciers to the American parks through the colorful cities of Bolivia and Colombia, we really loved this continent.

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