October 2011.

Northern Zululand consists of mountains covered with huge forests.

What good are all those mimosas?

Matthieu, intrigued, asks a forester.

In fact, the mimosa is used together with eucalyptus to produce high quality pulp.

We cross savanna landscapes,

and a very traditional habitat.

We spot a small house under construction, and we ask the owner permission to visit.

All this in sign language as their English is as limited as our Zulu ! Giggles guaranteed !

A wooden frame, some stones covered with mud and thatched roof.

Superb !

We head towards the place where the Prince Imperial, son of Napoleon III, was killed in a Zulu ambush.

The memorial is utilized by the locals !

We are soon joined by a woman who makes us sign the tourist register.

followed by a swarm of children.

When the second Empire collapsed, the imperial family took refuge in England.

That's how the Imperial Prince found himself in Africa, serving in the British army.

This cross was erected by Queen Victoria in memory of "her Prince".

Tugdual makes a new friend while Matthew distributes biscuits to children.

And as Dudujle speaks a little English we take the opportunity to learn a few words of Zulu.

We decide to give our jackets for the delight of our guests.

What a wonderful time !

"Ngyabonga Dudujle, bhabhay"

We could have spent the night in the village, but it is too early to set the camp.

We pass by a village where a football match takes place.

We stop to watch the game.

But in less than 10 seconds everyone is around the car and the match stops despite the whistle of the referee!

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