October 2011.

The roads are quite steep in the mountains.

We stop by this band of happy lads.

They have made a guitar from an old drum, a piece of wood and a few PE strings.

The funny thing is that it works!

They have a lot of fun watching themselves on the camera !

They take the children in their dance: good fun.

The roads are quite unlikely in Lesotho, and we are not moving quickly at all.

We end up being caught by the night in a very remote area.

We finally reach a village and a group of children welcome us.

They take us to the chief who invites us to camp in front of his house.

It's not easy to set the tent in the middle of all these curious!

In the morning, Mpho, the village chief, paces in front of the car to prevent children from coming to disturb us.

Charming attention !

We show him on a map the journey that we are doing back to France: he cannot believe it.

A big thank you for your hospitality so simple but so helpful.

The road after the village is so bad that a group of children manages to follow us.

They beg for food, and Matthieu organize a distribution of biscuits after placing them in a row.

Some passages are more than difficult.

The valleys follow one another, but the main road is still far away.

At a crossroads, we take the wrong path and the track becomes too bad.

The vehicle begins to slide down the slope.

Everybody out !

Matthieu digs under the wheels to bring the car back in a safe position, under the amuzed eyes of some Basotho coming out from we don't know where.

Then everyone bring stones.

We dig a large trench in order to escape safely from this hazardous track .

Matthieu and Tugdual have so many blisters on their hands that we end up using local workforce.

Phew, we are out of this mess !

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