Fish River Canyon.

November 2011.

The landscape is barren but beautiful.

We stop in the small Ai-Ais village.

Nothing more than a lodge and a campground.

But the site has hot springs beautifully arranged, a good opportunity to have a swim.

In the evening, looking for a place to camp, Matthieu smells the good spot.

As a good spot, we get into a landfill !

Matthieu insists on continuing and we end up arriving at sunset in a small but beautiful valley .

Tugdual and Max try with success the new flint.

With dry grass, the fire takes after a few shots.

On the menu: potato and grilled meat.

Max, good friend, volunteers for the dishes.

Suddenly we hear a cry: "Aaaaah !" A huge tarantula, attracted by the light came to tickle his feet.

Two minutes later another cry. "Again, it's unbelievable this country ! Now it is a scorpion."

The fact is that it's a big one at least 15cm long !

In the early morning, Max is awakened by the awful cries of a group of baboons: Keep cool Max !

Wildlife is everywhere.

Oryx, springbox, zebras, ostriches.

The Fish River Canyon is one of the largest canyon in the world.

Max, who does not lack imagination, organises a jumping contest. Not bad for beginners !

We skirt the edge of the canyon with the car.

The place is beautiful.

But it's so hot at this time of the year that it is forbidden to walk down into the canyon.

We just have our lunch in the shade with a nice view.

Followed by a nap for the gentlemen, while the girls tell secrets to Aunt Boule.

We end this beautiful day with a good jump into the pool of the park. Welcome after such a heat.

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