November 2011.

Namibia is a country four times the size of France and we travel incredible distances.

This panel, lost in the middle of nowhere, is a railway station.

But it seems that only an oryx is waiting for the train.

In Namibia, always be alert as there are wild animals everywhere.

Arriving near Lüderitz, dunes and sand storms are emerging.

The Namibian coast is rich in diamonds and many ghost towns attest to the presence of exhausted veins .

Lüderitz is renowned for its fishing port, but except oysters, we find nothing to buy there.

We enjoy a good fish & chips on the port.

Some houses and street names remind us that Lüderitz was the first German settlement in Namibia in the late nineteenth century.

But the city seems to us a little sleepy.

We fill up.

No, Matthieu is not going to be beheaded by the butcher.

It is only trying to accurately determine the thickness of the prime rib for tonight dinner.

We find a desert "cucumber", a strange fruit that resists during the dry season, providing the water needed for most animals.

We see our first black hyppotrague.

These huge nests are built by "social weavers".

They sometimes become so heavy that the tree collapses !

The dust road are endless, and we meet very few vehicles.

With all the barbed wire, it is not always easy to get away from the track but the bivouac sites are always beautiful.

Beatrix lost her third tooth.

She is very happy because the tooth fairy brought her 10 Namibian $ and 2 euros .

Children play Time's up with Aunt Boule while Matthieu and Max do some servicing on the car.

The famous beef ribs !

Boule plays Mary Poppins with Octavie and Beatrix !

A big caterpillar visits us, but this time Max is not afraid !

But next morning a jumping spider shows up.

Aunt Boule takes refuge in her tent, but the children want to see what is going on.

Matthieu manages to kill this ugly animal.

It's true that it is not that big, but a jumping spider, it's still something !

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