Ngami Lake.

December 2011.

Roadsides are very green and there are butterflies everywhere. It's beautiful!

Parking under a sausage tree is not advised, as its fruits can weight over 4kg and fall down without warning !

We stop in a small store to buy a woven basket, a specialty of the region, to store our fruits.

The work is superb and Katenia proposes to initiate us into the secrets of their manufacture.

We take an appointment for the next day.

The raw materials are 100% natural and are dyed using the bark of trees.

The work is painstaking and it requires a minimum of ten days to make a basket.

A large needle facilitates the weaving.

The children are doing very well and love it.

It's a huge job.

In one day we only have enough time to make coasters but Katenia is very happy with our work.

We have lunch in a local cafeteria.

A lot of rice, some vegetables and a small piece of chicken.

But it's still Ok.

The Okavango river never reaches the ocean, and get lost in the sand of Kalahari desert.

At the end of the delta, we reach Lake Ngami. The lake was dry over the last 30 years, and suddenly reappeared a few years ago.

We look at the fishermen preparing their nets and go on their mocoro.

The fish is then dried in the sun.

Here, we do not dare to try !

The shallow waters of the lake attract many birds including the huge marabouts that look very ugly beside of these beautiful pelicans.

We spend the night in the soft grass by the lake.

There are plenty of mosquitoes and we must not forget to take our antimalarial pills.

The children take Matthieu in big game of Monopoly.

Meanwhile Octavie and Béatrix do some painting.

Matthieu replaces some pop rivets destroyed by the vibrations.

Enguerrand takes the opportunity to open a bar !

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