December 2011.

On our way to Chobe, we pass by huge green fields, far from the image we had of Africa.

We are celebrating the 33rd birthday of Charlotte with a bunch of French fries.

Happy Birthday Mom.

We camp in the bush near the entrance of Chobe Park.

There are animal tracks everywhere as there are no fence around the park

Charlotte is really not reassured and we decide to build a small fort.

But we are interrupted by strange noises coming from a thicket.

Everyone takes refuge in the car.

A huge elephant comes out of the forest followed by a large troop.

We are twice as motivated to finish the job before dark !

We dine inside our fort.

There are strange noises around, and we all end up finding that Charlotte had a good idea !

Chobe Park is located along the Zambezi River which marks the border with Namibia.

A magnificent fish eagle is perched on a tree.

During the day, the elephants stay in the shade of the forest.

But they do not like being disturbed and this male uproots a tree in front of us to intimidate us !

Many baboons run around with their young on their backs. The show is pretty funny.

Finally, we learn to differentiate Mr. and Mrs. buffalo.

There are hundreds of hippos in the Zambezi, but they do not often go out from the water.

This beautiful giraffe came out from the bush to drink in the river.

Our first African snake: fortunately there are not that many !

In the late afternoon, the elephants come out from the forest to drink in the river.

There are hundreds, it's amazing !

There are many baby elephants.

They are so cute and we spent hours watching them !

After spending three nights in our fort, we quit Botswana, a really magical country.

But not before cleaning the place.

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