Dar Es Salaam.

January 2012.

Here we are in Tanzania.

This country was born in 1964 from the alliance between Tanganyika and Zanzibar.

We drive through stunning scenery, very different from Zambia.

Here also there are many truck accidents.

The damaged trucks try to reach home as they can, but of course we are the ones the police always arrest !

A least forty times during the 20 days we spent in Tanzania: it gets boring ...

When crossing villages, cars must share the road with a bunch of pedestrians and bicycles.

We stop to take water from a tape, and it takes us some time to understand that the lady asks us to pay.

Indeed, the "seller" does not speak any English and our Swahili is not yet good .

We think at the beginning that this is a tourist scam, but in fact all the villagers pay as well !

The main road crosses Mikumi national park.

A large sign at the entrance states that people in transit are not allowed to watch or photograph wildlife !

Nevertheless, it is difficult to keep our eyes and camera in our pockets !

Access roads to telephone antennas are the only roads which do not lead to a village or a house.

So we got used to explore them when we seek a place to bivouac.

The antenna to which we head is located on a high mountain, and we take the opportunity to carry the keeper and his bike.

We bivouac nearby, with an incredible view over the valley.

The arrival at Dar Es Salaam is quite chaotic. Driving is worse than in Cairo!

At a red light, we witness the theft of rear-view mirror from the car in front of us.

All this happened in a split of a second: incredible !

We take an overcrowded ferry to cross the channel in the middle of the city and reach our campsite.

Franck, who addressed us on our arrival, will be our guide for the day.

Unemployment is dramatic in this huge town, and each one tries to survive with a small job.

Bycicles are transformed into lorry or knife sharpener

We begin our visit with the fish market.

We see a beautiful shark and a superb swordfish.

Large fishes are sold on the stalls, but the small ones are deep-fried nearby, in a place looking more like a forge than a chip shop !

At the end of the visit, washing our shoes is not a luxury !

Children prefer the shell market, this time with no bad smells !

Then we go out of town to discover a nut that intrigues us. But what may contain these nuts with such a strange form ?

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