Lake Navaisha.

February 2012.

We make a little detour through the rift valley to discover Lake Naivasha.

On the shore of the lake, the boys wonder how these boats can leave the dock?

"Do not worry, the papyrus will move !"

Indeed, a few hours after ...

Incredible !

We set our camp below some beautiful yellow acacias.

There are birds everywhere.

We meet Callum, a young Englishman who travels on a motorcycle and that we already met at Jungle Junction's a few days earlier.

Travelling alone, it is not easy to get motivated to leave a place.

We invite him for dinner.

We rent bicycles and children are delighted. Enguerrand does not want to stop.

In the trees above us we see a funny monkey, a Colobus guereza. Beautiful.

The children enjoy this beautiful garden.

The girls pick-up countless flowers from this huge bougainvillea.

The troops' morale being inside the plate (French byword), we prepare a hearty meal to our guest.

Everyone gets to work and we spend a wonderful evening.

In the morning the children pull Callum out of bed, and after having prepared him a good breakfast, we push him outside nicely !

Good luck Callum for the rest of your journey !

In a small lake nearby, we admire a huge colony of flamingos.

Unlike the one we have seen so far, we can approach them closely.

Kenya as Charlotte dreamed it !

Children collect beautiful pink feathers to stick in their logbooks.

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