February 2012.

We will travel north Kenya together with Barry, a very friendly Englishman we met in Nairobi.

Instead of the horrible and dangerous road to Moyale, we prefer the adventurous track of Lake Turkana.

We quit the paved road at Arch's Post.

The track we take is superb.

We see an incredible amount of wildlife including many dik-dik, a mini antelope with a muzzle like a mouse.

Herds across the track force us to stop. The little shepherd usually takes advantage to ask us for water or candies.

An opportunity for us to get closer to these people yet unaccustomed to tourists.

The track is incredibly beautiful.

Passing nearby a village, we are witnessing a Samburu ceremony , where these young men jump like mounted on springs.

Men and women wear very complex jewelry and immaculate clothing although they live in a dusty environment.

Charlotte starred in the midst of all these warriors.

What a unique experience!

We do not hesitate to take hitchhikers, even if often smiles and gestures are the only way to communicate.

After 200 kilometers of track, we reach Maralal, the capital of the Samburu and the last real town on the northern route.

We fill up in anticipation of the 1000 kilometers ahead without possible refueling.

Matthieu's parents being worried, we call them as agreed: "We leave Maralal, everything is fine!"

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