Lake Turkana.

February 2012.

A few kilometers later, we hear a bad noise !

Lying under the car, Matthieu confirms that there is indeed a problem.

A fixation point of the rear axle to the chassis broke down.

The same happened on the other side a year earlier near Salta !

It must be said that with a car weighing 3.5 tons, we far exceed the manufacturer's specifications.

We wait for Barry who was driving ahead of us.

We are quickly surrounded by pupils from a nearby school who are having their lunch break. In their plates is only corn !

A vehicle stops to propose us some help and the driver wants to see the problem.

We are not that reasured with the way his friend his holding his gun !

We are lucky that the car broke down only 10 kilometers away from Maralal !

Barry eventually joins us and we drive back slowly.

In Maralal, we find a "garage" with a welding post.

Everyone gets to work right away.

As usual, children find quickly occupations.

Barry gets a piece of metal from a neighbor, and the owner of the garage is stunned when Matthieu takes out his grinder.

Fortunately we have our own as there is nothing in this garage but a welding post !

After a day's work, the repair is completed and we are ready to go.

We celebrate the 8 years of our Octavie.

Happy Birthday Octavie.

A box of Pez and a few gifts from her brothers and sisters. A real world tour birthday whose simplicity does not affect the happiness of the children.

Back on the road, Barry insists to drive behind !

At night, we bush camp on a ridge.

In the morning, we have the visit from an armed gang.

We do not know exactly what they want but we end up understanding that they would be happy to share our breakfast.

They say belonging to a militia that controls the region.

They leave one hour later, after filling their stomacs and their canteens.

An opportunity to take these few unusual pictures.

Along the road we are regulary stopped by little shepherds asking for water.

Most of them are not five years old and spend the day in the desert without any water !

A woman stops us and asks us to fill her can.

But she is soon followed by the whole village, and we have to quit without being able to make everyone happy !

We finally reach the beautiful Lake Turkana.

The blue water contrasts with the surrounding landscape.

We look at this long caravan of camels coming down to drink.

We are surprised that despite the presence of water, no trees grow !

We have the incredible feeling of being at the end of the earth !

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