Kharga Oasis.

April 2012.

Back on the road escorted by two police vehicles: protection of tourists !

Fortunately they eventually let us go a few miles further !

The road is a bit monotonous, but children are busy shelling the three kilos of peas purchased in town.

We reach Kharga, the first oasis.

Again fighting for diesel.

We visit the beautiful Bagawat Christian necropolis, dating back over 1500 years.

Although made of mud bricks, the buildings are well preserved.

In the center of each chapel, a well gives access to underground chambers where the bodies were placed.

Some domes are still covered with beautiful paintings.

The place is really nice.

France is not that far !!!

We bivouac at the foot of a huge dune.

One of our most beautiful bivouac.

At nightfall, we are joined by our Polish friends we thought ahead, but who were actually behind.

We spend a great evening admiring the moon through a telescope, lulled by the music of Jacek.

We are awakened at dawn by the crowing of Demokrator who has taken up residence in our tent !

Bart, Mateusz, Tomasz, Antonio, Jacek and Bolo are travelling from Cape Town to Cracow.

They set up the project GloBall 2012, using football as a way of meeting people.

Great idea !

At the top of the dune, the faithful prostrate themselves before the remains of the pharaoh.

The first one down there win the race !

Matthieu has trouble getting used to the idea that Tugdual runs faster than him.

He forgets to slow down near the end and hits the ground rather violently.

God thanks, more afraid than hurt !

We decide to spend some time with the Poles and go together to the famous white desert.

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