L'aventure ne s'attrape pas dans un fauteuil
Matthieu, Charlotte, Tugdual, Agathe, Enguerrand, Octavie, Béatrix...sans oublier Doudou.

We just spent 4 years in Egypt. We met there a congregation of Sisters from Argentina whom set up an orphanage in King Mariott, around 30km away from Alexandria. They look after a hundred children from upper Egypt, orphans or children from very poor families whom cannot take care of them.

Around thirty Sisters are working at the orphanage, half of them being Argentinian, and the other half Egyptians. They are doing an absolutly great job with very limited fundings.

They built their own school in order to give children quality education, as public schools are totaly deficient in Egypt.

We wish to help them and come up with a small cheque during our next visit to Egypt in March.

All donations, however small, are welcome.

The simplest solution is to send your donations to one of our accounts that we have reserved for this purpose.

IBAN: FR63 3000 2029 3200 0047 0055 Y88

Bank: 30002
Code: 02932
Account number: 00 00 47 00 55Y
Key: 88
Business address: CL Aix la Rotonde

Thank you for your help and your trust.